Biosecurity Awareness - Module 1

This 15 minute module with a test will:

  • explain the definition and principles of biosecurity;
  • explain why biosecurity is important from an environmental, social and financial perspective; and
  • provide some examples of current and potential  tree pests and diseases.

There is a short question section with a pass mark of 80% to test your knowledge. 

Biosecurity Dispersal Pathways - Module 2

This 15 minute module with a test will:

  • Provide historical data on pest and disease introductions to the UK.

  •  Outline the various ways in which pests and diseases can be dispersed geographically.

  •  Explain the means of dispersal in the forestry, horticulture and arboriculture trades.

Biosecurity Measures - Module 3

This module will take about 15 minutes, it will explain:

  • Some of the laws surrounding plant and tree movements.

  • How to plan a site visit from a biosecurity perspective.

  • How to dispose of infected materials.

Updated August 2020

Biosecurity Personal Controls - Module 4

This 15 minute module with test will:

  • Explain personal biosecurity measures.

  • Identify the contents of a biosecurity kit

  • Explain biosecurity measures for kit and vehicles.

  • Explain how to report  a potential tree pest or disease.

  •  Increase your understanding of your responsibilities in preventing the spread of pests and diseases by undertaking low or high risk biosecurity good practice.

  • Inform you when and how to report pests and diseases.

Import and export requirements of wood packaging material - Module 5

This module explores the Import and export requirements of wood packaging material. 

Updated August 2020

Plant Passport Information

A short managers guide to plant passports which includes a 24 question assessment. This may be printed on completion.

You not need an account to complete this module.

**This is best viewed using a modern browser such as Chrome or Edge as older browsers can cause problems when attempting to print results of assessment **

Wildfire Safety & Management

A PowerPoint presentation by Scottish Fire & Rescue Service. Provides understanding of:

  • Wildfire Safety (LACES)
  • Wildfire Prediction System (WPS)
  • Fire Suppression methods

OGB 42 Managing Recreation

The module is for managers, staff and volunteers and provides an understanding of OGB 42 Managing Recreation.

There are 9 main interactive topics with a mini quiz at the end of each section. Each section will take approximately 10mins to complete but some may take more time and some less. You can navigate between sections and use this module to check for information.  We have also provided useful links and documents specific for each topic.

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome Seminar (HAVS)

A short video to support OGB 38 with regard to managing HAVS and Noise at work

**Please note this video and the related OGB is under review and is due to be replace in November 2018**

How to Work with Chainsaws - Maintenance

A short video covering chainsaw maintance

Introduction to Forest Safety

 A short video introducing Forestry Health & Safety issues


Travel & Expenses

This 20 minute eLearning module has been designed to bring about an understanding of the Forestry Commission’s Travel and Expenses policy, procedures and claim rates. The resource explains to employees how to claim for Travel & Expenses using the EEMS system and Government Procurement Cards including how to add a CAPES vehicle to the system. Additionally, staff are made aware of Tax and VAT implications of Travel & Expenses and the Corporate Governance structure. 

The eLearning module will take approximately 15 minutes for the information section to be completed and has a 5-minute test section with a required pass mark of 80%.  This eLearning module can be used as a reference resource where the user can refer directly to the topic they are interested in.

2.11C Performance Management System (PMS)

2.11D Civil Service Competency Framework

PW14 Woodland Officers

A 25 min eModule that shows how to enter data into the PW14

PW14 Woodland Administrators

A 20 min eModule that shows administrators how to enter data into the PW14.

WIG – Restructuring Regeneration

The purpose of this eLearning is to train Woodland Officers on how to process Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) – Restructuring Regeneration applications as part of the Forestry Grant Scheme process. This includes recognising what documents are required for the applications, understanding the online guidance, and assessing and scoring applications. This eModule will take about 45 minutes to complete.

Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) – Restructuring Regeneration Test

This Test follows on from the Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) – Restructuring Regeneration eModule. This test can be done as a standalone item if you are confident that you know the option guidance and how to assess applications. You will need to complete this test with a score of 80% or more to pass. This Test will take about 15 minutes to complete.

FGS Application Processing Part 2

FGS Application Processing 

This module demonstrates how to process a FGS application through the stages in RP&S from Application Manager Assessment through to Contract Agreed stage. It also demonstrates the roles that staff require to carry out these stages in RP&S.

Government Security Classification Policy


This course teaches you about the new Government Security Classifications and the importance of using them correctly.

It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete with a 5 min assessment

Responsible for Information- General User


You must complete this if your role requires you to handle, protect or share information, your manager will advise you if it is applicable to your job.

This course is divided into five topics and concludes with an assessment and will take approximately 50 minutes to complete.

Protecting and sharing information.

In the workplace

On the move

Staying safe online


Forestry England Manual Handling eLearning

Manual Handling training for all employees.

For a better experience, use Chrome to view this package.

Health and Safety Quiz

Site Safety & Supervision

Site Safety and Supervision Knowledge Check.

Lone working

Information about lone working in forestry.

Risk Assessment Legislation

A short module that introduces some of the legislation that may be used when carrying out a risk assessment.

Please use a modern browser such a Chrome or Edge to complete this module.

Risk Assessment Legislation with Audio

A short module that introduces some of the legislation that may be used when carrying out a risk assessment.

This module has audio throughout which can be turned off if required.

PPG 59 First Aid

Effective goalposts and signs

RAG Procedure

Welfare Essentials

Managing changes

Using wayleave agreement

Creating effective training

Training Needs Analysis

Health and Safety

Forest Services Induction

Public Safety and Access Assessment

What do we mean by Asset and facility

Why manage our Assets?

The Approach to Asset Management

Responsibilities for Asset Management

Undertaking Inspections

What is your role in Asset Management?

Apprenticeship Revision Module

Constraints Module

Spring Summer Tree Id

Forestry Standards and Forestry Guidance

Fencing Module

Hand Tools

Pesticide Assessment

COSHH Assessment

COSHH Module

Brashing and Pruning Assessment

Brashing and Pruning Course

Plants and Planting

Pesticide Foundation

Funghi and Pest Assessment

Pests Course

Funghi and Pest Course

Management of Volunteers Assessment

Management of Volunteers .PDF

Management of Volunteers

Airsweb AVA Phone App

Airsweb Accident Investigation

Airsweb Triage

Airsweb Events

Quick summary